Eternal H20
E t e r n a l   H 2 O

Revolutionary Mobile Reverse Osmosis
Water Filtration System

Water Analysis

Analysis of water from before and after the Puripool™ Pool process

Filtration Capacity

Filtration of up to 40,000 gallons of water per day

Fast Setup

Set-up time of one hour.

Water Retention

Retention of up to 85% of existing water

Fast Process

Average process time of 12 hours

Single Day Filtration

Filtration of CYA and TDS in a single day

We Offer Quick & Efficient Way To Keep Your Pool Water Nature Clean

While it is not a fun topic to think about, pools can contain a surprising number of pathogens even when appropriately maintained by traditional methods. According to Dr. Kelly Reynolds of the University of Arizona, there are some things that people need to know about their pool water. Adults and children ingest up to an ounce of pool water while swimming, and that water can contain things like bacteria, viruses, and actual feces. On average, adults shed 0.14 grams of feces, and children up to ten times more. This is equivalent to about ten pea-size deposits of fecal matter. This is not just unpleasant, but can be dangerous as well.

When serviced with the Puripool™ Process, these harmful elements are filtered out, along with CYA, TDS, calcium, phosphates, and other problematic build-ups. The water that goes back into your pool is FEMA-certified drinking water. You can then rest assured that your pool contains the safest, healthiest water possible.

Professional Mobile Service
For Residential & Commercial Pools


An environmentally friendly way to ensure pure pool water for your family to enjoy.

Straightforward Pricing

Easy-to-understand pricing and no surprise charges.


The cleanest, safest, and healthiest water possible for your guests and clients, no matter the size of the pool.

Fast Service

A quick and easy booking process with friendly and reliable customer service.

About Eternal H20

Phoenix natives Mike and Danielle Fix started Eternal H2O in 2022 after being fascinated by The Puripool™ Process Technology. Conservation has been important to Mike and Danielle for some time, and the mission to provide high-quality pool filtration while conserving water seemed like a perfect fit.

There is no better guarantee of reliable and thorough customer service than a company that truly believes in the importance and effectiveness of their product. Mike and Danielle could not be more excited to help fellow Phoenix residents ensure that their pools are not only clean and safe, but also eco-friendly.


“The Puripool™ Process” was invented in 2009 with the sole belief that draining a swimming pool must be a thing of the past. Water conservation, less chemical demand, and a swimming pool that is cleaner, safer and healthier for you and your family; all the benefits of maintaining your investment with Pure Water Industries. The current drought conditions and emphasis on water conservation have served to solidify the need for systems that conserve large quantities of water, and “The Puripool™ Process” has been leading the way since 2009.

Why hassle with pumping the water from your pool, paying for the refill and then trying to figure out the complicated chemicals needed to re-balance your pool water, when Eternal H2O can take care of it for you? In less than a day, we can filter your water and lower Calcium Hardness (CH), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Cyanuric Acid (CYA), phosphates, salt, bacteria, viruses, etc. and provide you with a clean, fresh pool!

Drainless Water Purification For A Healthier Pool

  • Fast Mobile Service
  • 7 Days A Week Service
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Use The Pool While We Work

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